Safex Mining Pool

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Not just another mining pool

The Safex News mining pool is a community driven initiative – built by the community, for the community.

With the launch of the Safex Blockchain in Q2/Q3 2018, the demand for reliable, low-fee mining pools will be high.

Safex Cash will be a GPU friendly blockchain, based on the CryptoNite hashing algorithm. Combined with the market-first S-Curve Emissions structure, Safex Cash will be a profitable cryptocurrency to mine for years to come.

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We’re planning to build the mining pool on a high-end, SSD based dedicated server. From the beginning we’ll have a stable, reliable, low latency server with DDOS protection. Future plans include region-based servers, load balancing, and more.


The community will have the opportunity to vote and discuss future developments of the Safex Mining Pool. Individuals can make a big impact on milestones such as supporting future forks, pool fee adjustments, and marketing initiatives.


A mining pool is useless if nobody knows about it. By leveraging the Safex News brand and marketing resources at their disposal, you can be assured that this will be a popular mining pool. We’ll also be running regular events such as “Rig of the Month”.

Mining Pool Roadmap

  • Soft Launch - Q2/Q3 2018

    We plan to soft-launch the mining pool within a few hours of the Safex Blockchain being released (dependant on launch time). Early access will be rolled out to those who have pre-registered. The server is likely to be unstable during this time as finetuning and adjustments are made. Remember, this is a brand new blockchain so we need to factor in a margin of error during the first few weeks.

  • Public Launch - 2 to 3 weeks after soft launch

    Once we’ve ironed out the bugs, made the necessary adjustments, and are comfortable that the pool is stable and secure, we’ll open the pool to the wider public. This includes an initial marketing campaign, a period of reduced fee (TBD), and community competitions.

  • Major Marketing Push - End of Q3 2018

    Naturally, we’ll need to generate a profit to ensure the long-term success of the mining pool. However, a large portion of the pool fee will be contributed towards a global marketing campaign. This is both to build awareness for the mining pool, but also Safex as a platform. The campaign will include paid advertising (where allowed), social media events, outreach programmes, Search Engine Optimisation, and more.

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